You Can't Hide the Sun

by We Are The Union


This is the band's third full-length record. It is available on vinyl and CD via the Paper + Plastick Records Webstore, and digitally via iTunes and Spotify.

"As You Can’t Hide the Sun ends, it’s evident that We Are the Union have taken great leaps forward to get here, and they aren’t about to give up now." -

1. Dust On the Hourglass
2. I Want You to Hit Me As Hard As You Can
3. Live Like Mitch
4. 415 In Progress
5. Hellbound & Helpless
6. If I Can’t Smoke Or Swear, I’m Fucked
7. Dead End
8. Do What You Love…
9. …And Fuck the Rest
10. Delta. Oscar. Whiskey. November.
11. The Ghost That Haunted Me


released October 16, 2012



We Are The Union Detroit

We Are The Union are back stronger and hitting harder than ever with a brand-new 6-track EP entitled “Keep It Down” to be released once again by Paper + Plastick. Listen to the first track from that EP at


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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